Going Green

Learn about our green initiatives!

The name “Green Paws” was selected to represent our practice for several reasons. We do the best we can to promote “green practices” in our building. We have implemented an almost paperless, computerized medical records system. Our lab results are transmitted electronically instead of on paper, and we recycle what paper we do use. In fact, weʼd be happy to e-mail your discharge papers, invoices, treatment plans and copies of medical records if you request!

As we make upgrades, improvements and repairs to our facility, we are trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We plan to use existing structures, lighting and equipment as much as we can and as structures need replacing, we are looking for low- impact, energy efficient options. We use low VOC paints and environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants, and we use reusable cloths and towels for cleaning whenever possible.

We are also exploring “green” treatment options for your pets. Often, medications are necessary to treat illness and provide pain relief. But increasingly, research shows that by combining natural, alternative therapies with modern medicine, we can reduce the dose and the need for medications and at the same time provide superior pain relief and response to treatments.